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Tutorial: Buying ADA on Bittrex

Bittrex is one of the most trusted exchanges that offers services in the United States. 

Bittrex exchanges ADA along with a number of other cryptocurrencies 


Get your documents in order. If you plan on purchasing large amounts you will want to use a wire transfer which requires extra verification. You will need:

- Government ID

- Camera phone to take for photo verification

- Bank statement (as pdf) 

- Routing and account number


Go to and make an account.


Once you have an account return to the main page and click on 'Instant Buy & Sell'.



Here you can deposit using your debit card. For larger amounts you will need to click on the blue 'deposit' button.

If you use a debit card you can skip to step 10.



If you hit the deposit button will be prompted with this screen, hit get started and you will be prompted to fill out a large form to verify your funds. 

Note: This is a fairly large form. Be sure to identify as an individual and not a business



Check your email an wait for verification. 


Once you are verified you can deposit into your account (Images showing where to click coming soon.)


On the top bar press the 'Instant Buy & Sell' Button.

Then click on the drop down under 'i want to buy' and search for your coin of choice, such as ADA.



Wait for the transaction to complete.

Congrats! You now own some ADA!

Next you will want to put these funds into a wallet for safe keeping. While leaving your funds on the exhange is tolerated, the only way to ensure your funds are not lost is to hold them yourself. 

Return to the ADA Buying Guide for more information.

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